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We divide design into two phases — schematic design and design/budget development. To get here we ask many questions to determine the purpose, size, and scope of your project. The regional designers we work with collaboratively are considered part of the Alchemy team and can accommodate all of your needs to bring your ultimate vision to life.

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When it comes to the construction process, we detail exactly how the design will be built, drafting the drawings necessary to secure permits and to build each space. We work with our dedicated team of subcontractors and consult with outside experts, such as structural and/or civil engineers, as necessary.



As the project takes shape, you'll likely experience a range of emotions—from anticipation to excitement and even frustration. A remodel isn't without the occasional hiccup. With unseasonable turns, special orders can be delayed, and design adjustments might be required during construction. Rest assured that we'll look for ways to accelerate the process, but never at the risk of compromising quality or the highest level of finish.

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